Residential Staging

For anyone with a home on the market to sell, success may just be in the presentation.

Real estate professionals today are insisting that staging makes a big difference in how quickly a home sells, which can mean a higher sale price. The key is to make your home stand out in a market filled with competing properties.

Home staging is a growing practice, especially among luxury properties or within communities where numerous homes are available for sale. A warm and inviting presentation of your home to prospective buyers can be just what sets it apart from the competition, and more importantly – what brings in a desirable offer.

Katherine Nidermaier Designs offers residential staging services, customized to meet the needs and budget of the property owner. The staging process may involve a simple review of lighting, rearranging of furniture and the addition of props and flowers, or it could be as extensive as bringing in new furniture, painting the walls in more neutral colors and hanging new artwork. The current challenging market has resulted in slower sales velocity and more aggressive pricing, so in order to maximize your bottom line, consider professional staging of your home.

Frequently asked questions about home staging:

Q: What exactly is home staging?

A: Staging is simply marketing – it is the act of preparing and showcasing a home for sale. Preparing involves cleaning, de-cluttering, updating and repairing, while showcasing is the process of arranging furniture, accessories, art and light. The homeowner and the stager work together to decide what needs to be done to for the optimal presentation of the home. KND understands the general preferences of resort home buyers in Punta Mita and Pacific Mexico, and brings their particular expertise to ensuring your home is presented in an optimal manner for sales success.

Q: Is staging a home really that important—won’t buyers want to personalize their home anyway?

A: Yes, they will, however statistics from the U.S.’s National Association of Realtors show that only 10 percent of buyers can see past what is in front of them. Consistently, studies show that buyers tend to purchase the best looking, or most presentable home, even despite other factors such as location or orientation. This is where emotions come into play – generally, a house that is set up properly sells faster.

Q: Why is staging considered more important now?

A: It’s crucial in this market because there are so many more options for buyers to choose from—and buyers are tending to look at a greater number of properties. Staging allows you to differentiate your home, as well as add extra value. Also, buyers—especially in the Punta Mita area—are tending to be very move-in ready, so a properly set up home provides the sense they could be enjoying it tomorrow.

Q: What’s the difference between staging and interior design for a home?    

A: The difference is that interior design for a home is an extension of the things we love — our colors, our style, our personality — whereas in staging we return the focus back to the property. Our objective is to highlight the features of the home and compliment the architecture of the home. We want the potential buyer to come in and notice how the windows frame the views, or the expansiveness of the indoor/outdoor living areas – not necessarily the color or style of furniture or artwork that is in the home.

Q: Do you stage every room?

A: Generally, this is not necessary. We usually just stage the rooms where the buying decisions are made. We incorporate lifestyle elements to help buyers see what it would be like to live in the house, to enjoy time with friends and family in the house.

Q: What does a consultation cost?

A: A comprehensive home staging consultation starts at $150 and consists of a walk through the property that will provide a homeowner with a to-do list — a detailed list of visual repairs, what they can do to prepare and showcase their home. We also identify design improvements and recommendations, should the client wish to have a more comprehensive staging solution.

Q: What about the costs of staging itself?

A: For an occupied home, working with what the homeowner owns in an average-sized house, our services start at about $750, with an average fee being between $1,000 and $1,500. Enhancement packages are also available, where we supplement the home with furniture and artwork, and trade some pieces out. This service is priced upon request, and based on the particulars of the home. We also work closely with the photographer that is shooting the residence, to ensure the home is meticulously styled for its photo shoot.

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