Why KND?

The Path / "El Camino"

Over 20 years of experience in Mexico working on high-end interior architectural design projects, with a synergistic understanding of both North American and Latin cultures.

Personalized attention, and an innate understanding of the “Four Seasons” standard of service. Will fill your Jacuzzi with roses or come at 7am – as long as there is strong coffee available.

Bi-lingual skills to coordinate all aspects of a project – including swearing in two languages to get things done.

Sourcing ability to determine which articles are available locally, and which could be imported. Willing and able to fly where needed—from San Francisco to Chiapas   to work with clients or accelerate delivery of any items.

Local in presence to Punta Mita clientele – can be on site in ten minutes.
Proven ability to ease the process of importations and deliveries, with affordable custom capabilities.

On-time in all aspects of project path.

White glove installations.
Expertise in cash flow and budget control.

Record of commitment and completion, with client references available upon request.

Recognized as an innovative designer—without being a diva.

Solid business principles, and known for integrity.