Porta Fortuna Beachfront Villa, Punta Mita

Year of Project: 2009 – 2010

Scope of Project: This 8,000 square foot beachfront residence is located next to Sufi restaurant in the Porta Fortuna community. The client and I had previously worked for on another residence they own in the Punta Mita Resort so we had a learning curve already established on each other’s design sense and intent.

Special requirements:  Long distance working relationship. The developer did not want the Four Seasons Villas look, while the client requested that we design not only for their extensive family, but also for rental clients.

Design Approach: First of 7 beachfront villas to be completed: image/ lifestyle of what the developer had already accomplished, blended with client’s particular vision and my own. We wanted to maximize the view, which is towards the Pacific and Puerto Vallarta, set between two golf fairways, and located adjacent to the St. Regis. The concepts that drove the project were “Harmony”, “Sunset”, And an unbroken visual line between the interior and exterior spaces. A fusion of influences melding Mediterranean, Mexican and Zen.

Conclusion: 1 year from start to completion in two phases. On time and on budget.