Design Philosophy

Katherine Nidermaier and her design team address the interior architecture and design of a space with careful attention to light, shadow, scale, spatial quality and vistas. She juxtapositions textures, colors, volumes, objects, furniture and art with finely tuned attention that is both thoughtful and lighthearted. On each particular project created by Katherine, one can trace the elements that constitute her unique design sensibilities and elegant, relaxed simplicity.

Outside In

Katherine’s ability to focus on pertinent design factors such as the location of a property and its cultural significance and spirit – while being sensitive to North American ideals combined with functionality and solid business principles that target the client’s needs, expectations, schedules and budgets — have contributed to her success in creating fresh, innovative design environments.

Katherine is a great supporter of environmental sustainability not only as a good business practice but also with a passion and dedication towards protecting our natural resources, local artisans and indigenous groups. She combines her classical training and extensive knowledge — integrating sustainable materials and techniques with cutting edge technology for results that are as stylish as they are intelligent.

Jacuzzi Sky Terrace