El Encanto, Punta Mita

Year of Project: 2007 to 2010

Scope of Project: Interior design and purchasing for two 3,800 square foot condos.

Special requirements: So far, I have done two of these flats and have fallen in love with my clients, two smart woman who know what they want. It was my first time working with the developer at El Encanto as we made some interior architectural adjustments.

Design Approach: My approach was very different on each flat. On the first one the client was more comfortable with a style and color palette from a residence she owns in the US and blending in certain aspects of Mexican design. On the second flat, the client wanted a bit more of an old Mexican Hacienda feeling but with an eclectic balance between old and new, Mexican and modern.

Conclusion: On time and on budget with three happy woman. Received a compliment from the developer on my great service and attention towards their clients.